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Code Club



We meet in Room 129 on Thursdays. If Ms. Gorski isn't there, she is still in Room 127. Go get her.

BCSS Programming Contest Details Here (Thursday May 19, 2:30 - 5:00, Room 129)

Our Goals in 2021-2022 are:

  • Help develop lessons for Grade 9 programming for Arduino, Sphereos, Microbits, Problem Solving, Scratch
  • Assist in Grade 9 classrooms with programming
  • Prepare for programming contests
  • Participate in ECOO and CCC
  • Create our own competition so that BCSS students can get programming experience.


Old Meeting Content



Programming Contest Sites


Canadian Computing Competition - uWaterloo - early Feb

Canadian Code Competition

Video Introduction

Contest Introduction Page

Past Contests Page

Scanner (avoiding the IO file, requirement of contest), Code

Using the On-line Grader

Chris Robart's Solutions (Milliken Mills High School)


ECOO Coding Competition - Team Competition - April


Video Introduction

Contest Page

Try/Catch: video: https://youtu.be/a8PHy9LlMPg, powerpoint:

Input Files, Note

Output Files

Example Question (ECOO 2018 Q1), Code, File, Judges Marking

Contest Format


Other Resources


Other Coding Resources

Video Introduction

CourseWare from uWaterloo - at the bottom are 4 courses: Python from Scratch, Language Independent Courses, Web basics, Web programming

Coding Circles (Python) from uWaterloo

Khan Academy Computer Courses: a variety of courses including Webpages, Logic Gates, Internet, AP Computer Science,

Web Pages from Code.org

CS Awesome

Additional Resources form Hour of Code

Android Courses from Udacity (I have taken these)

repl.it - Online Java Compiler

CISCO - Free Online Courses (I haven't taken any of these yet)



University Skills and Applications


Supplementary Application Forms

Video Introduction

AIF Questions from 2018 (Obviously, the current ones will change! Read your application form)

Text from Example Answers

What course should I pick?

Engineering vs. Computer Science

Skills for Success at University

Studying and Organization

Extra Resources: Building your Resume

Sample Resume

Sample Cover Letter

Ontario Skills Passport